Lauren Conrad: Responding to Patriarchy like a boss

This is an old interview that just recently resurfaced today– Lauren Conrad was on a radio interview show called ‘Sway’s Universe’ and a radio caller called in an asked:

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retrieved from:

To which Lauren replied:

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retrieved from:

One reason why I truly admire Lauren Conrad is that she shows young women that you can have it all and be anything you want. She went from a tv star in The Hills to an accomplished author, fashion designer, and blogger, with her own websites that has everything from health/fitness tips to fashion trends to craft ideas. The other obvious reason that I adore her is that she took what was meant to be an embarrassing question to help define her by her sexual preferences turned into a quick and witty response that shows that she isn’t a sex object, but she’s a strong woman who can accomplish and do what most men hope to do.

You go Lauren! Do you like her response too?



2 thoughts on “Lauren Conrad: Responding to Patriarchy like a boss

  1. I happen to not be a Lauren Conrad fan but I totally respect her response to this. I’m so happy it is becoming more common for celebrities to call out interviewers for their inappropriate questions.

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