Movies: More Women, More Money

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According to a study of last year’s top 50 movies, movies that have 2 or more women who talk about something that isn’t a man, make up to 60 million more than movies who don’t. This test, called the Bechadel test, has gained popularity in recent years. And while it doesn’t indicate whether a movie advocates for feminist ideals” it does indicate that women do more than just participate in the traditional female stereotypes (ie women are “boy-crazy” or are dependent on men).

So if movies that pass this test make more money- why aren’t Hollywood producers making moves that can pass the Bechadel test? It’s really a question I couldn’t find an answer to. Maybe gender stereotypes trump making money. Maybe Hollywood producers don’t know the statistic on movies that pass this test. Maybe movie goers aren’t ready for all movies to pass this test and break all gender stereotypes. Gender roles and stereotypes die hard unfortunately, most people don’t even know why their problematic (ie they portray false images of said gender and make a norm that most people don’t want to live up to). I think it’s fantastic that most movies that defy gender norms in one way make more money– Hopefully, more Hollywood producers, movie writers, and directors take the hint and start changing their ways.

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