How perceptions affect the Trans* community

I found this fantastic article written by a transgender woman talking about her experiences with her gender identity. There are roughly 700,000 people in the US who identify as transgender in the US. Transgender refers to a person who does not identify with the gender they were given at birth (ie a biological male identifies as a woman). There is a lot of stigma that is attached to being transgender mainly because many people do not consider it “the norm” and it has been gaining a lot of public attention in the past 5-10 years.

There are many theories as to why people are transgender– some believe that it is associate to how much/how little testosterone a fetus is exposed to in utero. Many who identify as trans*gender experience depression and suicidal thoughts, as well as substance abuse before diagnosis due to the internal struggles of not identifying with ones given gender. Many who identify as trans*gender receive hormonal treatments to get the biological traits of the gender they choose to identify as, or even get sexual reassignment surgery.

However, sadly many people do not accept people who identify as trans*gender as their choose gender identity. Many women do not believe that transgender*women (who were born male) are really women because they do not have the internal organs of a woman. I think this is really problematic. It think we should be more inclusive of the trans*community. Just because someone doesn’t have the internal organs doesn’t mean they aren’t a woman. Many who are born as women aren’t born with uterus, like Miss Michigan 2013.

What do you think?



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