Minorities on College Campuses Campaigns

I found this article about a campaign that over 50 students at Harvard University are participating in to raise awareness of racial prejudice that minority students face, especially in light of the affirmative action policy being recently passed.

At the same time as this campaign is gaining traction, my own university is having discussions of a lack of minority acceptance and representation on my own campus. Recently one of the campus-run-blogs ran an article that started the conversation, when a girl talked about quitting one of the most prestigious organizations on campus because of problems with handling issues of diversity. This has lead to a movement of students from my school using “#MinoritiesAtMadison” to start a conversation and hoping to not only to have more minorities begin to attend our school, but to teach acceptance of diversity on our campus as well.

While my blog is about representations of gender, I think that representations of gender and representations of race are intertwined. I think that these discussions about representations of both race and gender are key to bring acceptance to everyone, no matter what they identify with. I think more campuses should bring about these conversations in order to help reduce the discrimination that minorities face, not only from the institution but from their peers.

What do you think?



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