“Man Up”: More Harm than Good

“Man up!” “Grow a pair!” Just two ways to tell someone they need to be tougher, more masculine, like a real man. This dominate idea of what masulinity: of being, strong, tough, and emotionless actually is more harmful for males than it is empowering. Jackson Katz, author of Tough Guise, indicates these images of being a “macho man” like Rambo or the Terminator teach men to be a man and to be powerful you must be violent, especially toward women. The ideas endorse using violence as a way of getting why you want (a reason why there is an increase in school shootings in the past 20 years). The ideas teach men that you should remain emotionless because “big boys don’t cry”.

So next time you hear someone say “Man Up” or “Grow a pair” Respond with one of the following ways:



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