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Young Adult Novel Heroines: Conforming to Body Norms?

retrieved from www.telephonewallpaper.com
retrieved from http://www.telephonewallpaper.com

I found this interesting article about how most of the new young adult novels being adapted to movie (such as the Hunger Games or Divergent) have heroines that are very petite. Now while many people wouldn’t give this coincidence a second thought, I think it’s something that isn’t just limited to these movie adaptations but speaks to Hollywood as a whole.  Women who are plus sized main role stars are usually in roles where they are meant to be mocked (usually by skinnier actresses), or they are put in smaller roles.


retrieved from joyreactor.com
retrieved from joyreactor.com

I think that as a culture we shame anyone who isn’t a size two. Women as a whole (i’m guilty of this) shame ourselves if we think we are an inch outside what we think is acceptable for our bodies. I think as a society we should be more tolerant of difference and I think body size is one way that we especially shame women. Men aren’t exempt from this shaming- Men who are not buff like the terminator or lack any muscle definition are also shamed for not fitting into what society sees as the “correct male figure”.

I think in order to overcome this problem we should teach children from a young age acceptance of difference and acceptance of things tat are outside the norm.

What do you think?



Target Photoshop Fail

A buzz on the internet these days is Target’s photoshop fail. Swim season is coming up so Target is starting to market their link of swimwear on their website.  A recent “thinspiration” phenomena is the thigh gap: or when you stand with your feet together your thighs don’t touch. This desired trait is pretty problematic because it is unattainable for most women and when your thighs are that thin it can indicate serious weight problems. Target posted this picture of a model wearing one of their pieces of swimwear:

retrieved from: http://www.policymic.com/
retrieved from: http://www.policymic.com/

The problem with this picture is that it’s clearly obvious they photoshopped the picture to make sure there was a thigh gap. The is a section of the bottom of the swim suit that is missing. Besides the thigh gap photoshop you can tell that they made her torso thinner due to the morphed appearance of the arms.

I think there should be bigger repercussions from consumers to companies that have these shady practices when it comes to body image. This bad example shows how bad the problem is and much we try to change beautiful girls to unattainable beauty standards which just perpetuate unhealthy relationship towards food and exercise (ie not eating, developing eating disorders, and obsessive exercise) in order to try and attain these things that are unrealistic. If customers backlash to these practices that harm the health and psyche of young girls, then maybe we could create a change in how the fashion/modeling industry presents women in advertisements and magazines